How do you integrate healthy living into your schedule? How do you find that fine balance between home, work, kids and you?  With the help of a personal trainer!

A personal trainer will:

       keep you motivated

       improve your technical skills

       ensure every workout counts

       introduce new equipment and teach you new exercises

       reduce your chance of injury

       provide variety in your workouts

A personal trainer bring value through knowledge, variety, motivation and, most importantly, accountability. Nothing's more important than actually turning up. That's half the effort right there. Having time booked to see a trainer makes a statement that exercise is a huge priority in your life.

A personal trainer pushes you far beyond your own capability. At the point you would usually give up, they’ll somehow get you to push out five more muscle-tearing reps.

The Fiit Project Difference

What differentiates Alice from the multitudes of other personal trainers is:

       A commitment to continuing education and development in a constantly evolving field. It’s important to stay on top of all the information out there to better serve you;

       Thinking outside the box. It’s not enough to just learn the science out of a book and the moves from a school, it’s also about bringing your own individual spin to it; and

       Specific tailoring. Every client has different needs, motivation and goals so\in order to achieve to the best possible results every aspect of a client’s fitness regime should be tailored to 'who they are'

You will know what the aim of each personal training session is, and how it relates to your health and fitness goals. Alice will ensure that you understand the significance of each exercise and the muscle groups you are targeting without blinding you with jargon.

Align yourself with like minded people - reach your goals.